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The aim of the 18th Australian Cyber Warfare Conference (CWAR 2019) is to inform participants on research and practice in traditional, contemporary and future evolution of cyber and information warfare. We have seen that Cyber and Information warfare is becoming an increasingly diverse discipline that exists within a constantly changing social environment. 


With shifts in the usage and types of information available, there has been a steady move towards corporate and personal awareness of the information warfare space. This year’s theme is "Cyber Warfare: The Global Impact" in recognition of the increased publicity of government sanctioned cyber tactics and more personalised attacks utilising social media sources.

Papers are invited in the following areas, but not limited to:

- Cyber warfare;

- Information operations theory and practice;

- Information Warfare;

- Psychological operations;

- Critical infrastructure protection and vulnerability;

- Cyber Influence;

- Application of information warfare in contemporary and non-military environments;

- Use of social media for influence operations;

- Case studies in application of cyber and information warfare;

- Other suitable areas of research.


All submitted papers will be double blind peer reviewed.  A maximum of four pages per paper.

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